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R2-D2 Fire Extinguisher

We have added many special features into our droids over the past 7 years that we have been building droids.

Our features have ranged from Gripper Arms, Data Retrieval Arms, Fire Extinguisher Effects, Sensorscopes and Hidden Lightsabers.

All of our special features can be operated from our Radio Control systems or our Exclusive Bluetooth Apps.

R2-D2 Hidden Lightsaber
R2-D2 periscope/sensor scope

​ASTRO-DROIDS Available Build Services

R2-D2 Hololight projectors

Dome features can be installed even if you plan on using your dome as a stand alone display piece, or installing it onto any Astromech replica life size droid.

We can send you an example of our Bluetooth APP, request your FREE APP below through our Contact Page.

If there is something special or a new feature you would like a FREE quote on, Contact us.

R2-D2 Lighting Effects
R2-D2 sensorscope periscope
R2-D2 gripper arm extension
R2-D2 data retrieval arm
R2 D2 Death Star Plans

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